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André Marie Ampère

Poleymieux au Mont d'Or-Lyon 22.January.1775- Marseilles 10.June.1836


Biographical notes




Born in a village close to Lione, Polémieux  in 1775.  He grows in a picked atmosphere, a child prodigy to the age of twelve years reveals itself directly learned geometry and the calculation from the witnesses in Latin.  To the age of eighteen years, (1793) its father  was condemned a.death during the bloody "reign of the terror"  that upset France,  fact that upset its life for six years. (1). In  the 1799 spouse with Julie Charron (2 August 1799),  has a Jean-Jeacques son 2 August 1800.

Year 1803 marks the dead women of the wife Julie.In the 1806 married with Jeanne Potot that a daughter will give to it, it was a disastrous decision the wedding went to coils with grand' bitterness from both the parts.
In the December of 1801 it obtains a place of instructor of physics to 'Ecole centrale de l'Ain a Bourgì . (University of Bourg en Bresse) (2)  1808 is general inspector of the University.
In 1814 it becomes member of Academies DES Sciences.  He was university professor of mechanical mathematics and  to the Ecole Polytecnique from 1809 to 1819.   1820 university professor of astronomy to the Faculty of Sciences of Paris  , and finally from 1824 until to the dead women university professor of physics to the Collège de France.