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Dominique-François-Jean  Arago

Estagel, Roussillon 26.February.1786-Paris 2.October.1853


Biographical notes


Its education has place to Perpignan, continues subsequently near the Polytechnic of Paris.  It becomes  teacher  to  the age  of  twenty-three tré  years  in  the same Polytechnic with the geometry chair analytics,  little  after  is  director    of the observatory  of  Paris.  It was to the service of the secretariat of the Academy of Sciences of Paris for various years. Also in political  field  it carried out    its activity for the republican cause. In the temporary government  after    the revolution  of 1848  he was minister  of navy, introduced various reforms in the management of the ministry. - This government introduced the suffrage universal for the male population. ®




1831 Biography of Alessandro Volta from one  publication of Arago 1831
1854 Biography of extracted Ampére from one publication of Arago-1854
1854 Treaty on electromagnetism and animal electricity 1854

1859 News of Sir   Humphry   Davy from one  publication of Arago 1859

Article that speaks about accident-prevention for telegraph operators