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Henry Cavendish

Nice 10.October.1731 - London  24.October.1810


Thinker poured them and originates them, favored the development of numerous branches of physics and chemistry; being based on the axiom that all is ordered according to measure, number and weight, he established a quantitative approach to the physical phenomena. On the employment of mathematical logic, accompanied from the control of the theory with the provisional data and he experiments to you, is based all the its method of search; of he he narrates himself that he previewed the moment of its dead women, with an error of single thirty minutemen.

Been born to Nizza he lived then in England; he did not succeed to graduate itself but, thanks to the father, physicist, he got passionate himself to science; eccentric, nonconformist, neurotic, timid, misogino, nourished a deep horror towards the women: this is the pitiful portrait that it comes to us handed on.

Its regarding more famous searches chemistry concern in particular on gases (discover hydrogen), on the composition of the air and of the water, on the density of the earth, the specific and latent heats, the point of boiling of the water. In its theoretical studies on the electricity, tried to explain the main phenomena electrical workers by means of a theory of an elastic fluid that approached that one of Aepinus, exceeding it but in accuracy and extension. Cavendish, for before the time, determined the ability and the degree of electrification of a conductor, approaching itself a lot the definition of upgrades them electrical worker. Others its studies faced the ability to conductors of varied shapes and dimensions, by means of comparison with one sphere standard, and the animal electricity in some fish, above all in the torpedoes.

Unfortunately the important and originate them studies of Cavendish did not find the resonance that they would have deserved and came practically ignore to you from the scientific world then. In 1874 a center of searches will be born to Cambridge experiences dedicated them to the memory of Cavendish, that it will boast between its directors and investigators J.C.Maxwell, J.W.Strutt Rayleigh, prize Nobel for chemistry in 1904, J.J.Thomson, prize Nobel for physics in 1906, and E.Rutherford Baron of Nelson, prize Nobel for the studies on the radioactivity in 1906, in order to only cite the main ones.