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Charles Francois de Cisternay Du Fay

Paris 14.September.1689 - Paris 16.July.1739 
Physicist and mathematician, in 1733 stated like of paper fragments, after to have he touches them to you with electrified glass, come attracted from the amber and those rejected from the amber come attracted from the glass.

It expresses for first, even if with other terminology, the concept of positive and negative electricity, that he calls "vi treas" and "resinosa", advancing therefore the so-called "dualistic theory". theory that, will be supported also from Nollet Abbot, one of greater electro logy the Europeans of the time.

From the studies of Du Fay various applications, between which new it blots some electrostatic that, by means of soffregati discs of glass from bearings are born, are in a position to distributing electricity in sufficient amount in order to produce sparkles with which they come ignited several substances.