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Thomas Alva Edison

Milan (Ohio) 11.February.1847- West Orange (New Jersey) 18.October.1931)





License  223,898 of January 27, 1880

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First movie product the industries Edison    avi

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Au Clair de la Lune
This 1860 phonautogram by Edouard-Leon Scott is the earliest known recognizable recording of the human voice.
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Song from Handel of the Oratory of Israel in Egypt recorded from the colonel  George Gouraud in the Crystal Palace to London,    29 June 1888. It seems to be    the most ancient medical report than music recording.
Fifth Regiment March, recording  carried out   from  Issler' s Orchestra, recorded from Walter H. Miller  in the laboratories of Edison of the West Orange, New Jersey, in March of 1889. In the autumn of 1888 Edison  it has assigned to technicians And the Wangemann, Walter H. Miller and To Theo the study of the technical possibilities and trades them of recorded music. In it knows it the 13 of the laboratories  Edison's has been carried out  one of the first studies of recording of music of the world.