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Luigi Galvani

Bologna 09.October.1737-Bologna 04.December.1798
Biographical notes


It was graduated in 1759, published its thesis of bachelor in the 1762 (De ossibus)  the year  after is already, "honorary medicine reader" in the Archiginnasio, subsequently in 1766 becomes university professor of anatomy in the institute of Sciences. The career of the Galvani is fast in 1775 is name "reader of practical anatomy" and president   of the Academy of Sciences of its city born them, finally in a 1782 s' earns in the obstetrics chair, becoming authority in its matter.

In 1791 it published   < <De viribus electricitates in motu muscular (the force of the electricity in the muscular motion),   memory that collects the observations and experiments on the behavior of the frogs or animals speed up to you from electricity. The author compared the bodies of the animals to the bottle of Leida  with      muscles   like   armors   and   the nerves  like the conductors,   while the source of the animal electricity resided in the brain.

In its experimentation he brought to light unconsciously       the existence  of a new electricity, the contact electricity,    in other words the potential difference them that  he obtains himself connecting two various metals, this particularity will be cleared from Alexander Volta.

New branch of science founded one  the Electrophysiology. It cleared the function of the nerves,   but the merit will be recognized to it much later. Emil Heinrich  and Du Bois-Reymond  (1818-1896) investigators who described in impeccable way the physiological electricity..