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ritratto GilbertSir William Gilbert

1600 Publication  "DE MAGNETE"
Colchester 25.May.1544-London 30.November.1603

English  of  optimal  family  studied medicine and mathematics to  Cambridge.  Ended the studies he exercised the famous profession to London and became much to be name  doctor of Queen Elisabetta I. The Queen held it in high consideration and she benefited it of   one special bequest for its   studies. Towards the end of the five hundred De wrote a treaty with the title it "magnet, magneticis corporibus ET de  magno magnet  tellure, physiologia  nova,  plurimis  argumentis demonstrata.". (gi1)   It came published  to London in 1600. The modern study of the electricity and the magnetism  begins  with    its studies  experiences them  that they lasted for fifteen supported years and  from just the personal patrimony.  Between its important experiments are the construction of  a spherical magnet (the terella) with a ferromagnetic mineral,   the Magnetite, and  with  this  it carried out    the study of the guideline of needles magnetizes you places to it round, reaching    the conclusion that the earth is an enormous magnet. Gilbert   supplied  for    before the time,  a list of substances  that  have  the same property of the amber, that one to attract, after the rubbing, light bodies.  In this list they figure I rendered some, the glass, the rubber varnish, colofonia the etc. It classified, electricity in  Vitreous and resinous. It separated to the phenomena electrical workers from those magnetic ones, specifying that the magnetic attraction  with the exception of that electrostatics is not shielded from a paper sheet.