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Zénobe Théophile 


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Liège (Belgio) 1826-Bois-Colombe (Paris) 1901)
  1859 Dynamo


Belgian inventor In its youth was a lot carried for the unskilled labor. He followed of the course in a small professional school, in the 1856 moves itself to   Paris   in order to work in the society “Alliance” specialized in equipment electrical workers.   In 1867 it deposits a license for various devices actions to improve blots some to alternating current.  The successive year constructs the first dynamo, from this machine electrical worker to continuous current will develop to the industry modern electrical worker.    In 1870 it patents the theory of “machine magneto-électrique produisant DES courants continus”   (machine magneto-electrical worker for the production of continuous currents).   With its friend Hyppolite Fontaine in 1870 I found, the company “Société DES machines magnéto-électriques Gramme”.  Its first model of dynamo has been introduced to the Academy of Sciences of Paris.    On the credit side exposure of the lighting system electrical worker of the 1881 to Paris machine of Gramme of was the Queen. In 1888 it obtains from the Academy of Sciences   prize Time   of 50.000   Franken instituted from Luigi Napoleon and it was awarded of the honor legion.

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