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Luigi Pacinotti  (fater of Antonio)

 ( 1807 - 1891 )

Biographical notes

Graduated  to the University in 1828. I participate to the First Conference of the Italian Scientists to Pisa (1839) with the functions of Secretary of the section of Physical and Chemistry. You cover the Physical chair Experiences them from 1831 till 1840, year in which, with the nomination of Carl Matteucci, it had to be moved to that of Technological Physical. Its important work   ', result of didactic and scientific its task', was the Technological Physical Course and Mechanical they Experiments, equipped from tables that (as those contained ones in the Specimen… of the Gain) still reproduce conserved instruments near the Domus Galileana.
Testimony of the great activity of the Technological Physical Cabinet is the production of numerous industrial models often constructed with the aid of technicians local and introduced to the Public periodic Exposures that were kept in Tuscany. Of the model of Jacquard Chassis is an example introduced from the Cabinet of Technological Physical to the Exposure of 1854. Luigi Pacinotti I leave the instruction in 1881.