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Sir  Joseph  Wilson Swan 


Sunderland, Durham 31.October.1828- Warlingham, Surrey 27.May.1914
1878 Lamp electrical

Chemical and electrotechnical, pioneer of the photography and the lighting system electrical worker. In 1862 paper invented a procedure in order to obtain press using coal, successively patents in the 1871 photography to slab sand bank.   In 1879 I invent the paper to   bromide, in use still today for the photographic press.  In 1870 I invent a generator of current electrical worker-constant, and a pump for the empty one which allowed of experimentations for the construction of lamps electrical workers it. It succeeded to already produce to a lamp electrical worker with coal filament in 1878; a year before Edison.   Swan within in cause with Edison for the issue of the licence of the lamp electrical worker, such cause had term with the foundation of the company Edison and Swan United Electric Company (1883).