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Nikola Tesla

Smiljan, Lika (Austria-Hungary)    9.July.1856-New York 7.January.1943


Biographical Notes


Born in a small city of the Croatia, from the father Milutin and the Djuka mother. It begins its formation to the gymnasium of Carlstadt in Croatia. To seventeen years it is become ill of cholera, it exceeds this crisis and it continues the studies to the Graz polytechnic in Austria from 1875 to the 1878 (1) and area one in 1880 in engineering to Praga. In the same year she is technical assistant to Budapest and it participates to the first telephone installation Yugoslav. In the 83 Edison of Paris works near the Thomas, always emigrates the successive year in America to the dependencies of Edison. He opens in own a laboratory of search in 1885, to New York. In 1887 polifasi to alternating current realizes the first synchronous motors, patents many types of transformers to vhf. Then on the laboratories they will come absorbed from the Westinghouse Company in 1897, same Tesla of it becomes collaborator. In decade 1880-1890 it studies and it plans systems for the production and distribution of the electric power, is born centers thus it them hydroelectric to cascades of the Niagara. All this job the procure American and European acknowledgments from university.

1) Source University of Graz.