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Joseph John Thomson 


Cheetham Hill, Manchester 18.December.1856 - Cambridge 30.August.1940


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Joseph John Thomson (1856-1940), Son of a bookseller of Manchester. It today studied to the Owens College (ago part of the university of Manchester) and to the Trinity College of the university of Cambridge, where became student of Maxwell.
Graduated, became physical university professor then experiences them to the Cavendish Laboratory and director to the Trinity College (1918-1940). Its great discovery has been introduced in 1897 during of the experiments on the cathode rays. In 1906 it obtained the prize Nobel for its searches on the conductivity electrical worker in the gas.
From 1915 to 1920 he was president of the Royal Society.

A cathode-ray tube analogous to that one with which Thomson   it measured, in 1897, the relationship between charge and mass the electron.