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Charles Wheatstone


Gloucester   1802-Paris  1875

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English experimenter, has been store clerk near a merchant of musical instruments, till the publication,   in 1823, of curious experiences on the sound.  One was interested also of the resonance of the air columns, the transmission of the sound in solid and linear conductors (1831) and constructed a speaking machine.
In   1834   he was name teaching to   King's College of London, but will abandon the chair after some year.  Always in   1834    it publishes    its experiences in the electric field. In 1837 it exposes, in the Quarterly Journal of Science its new experiences on the sound and the description of an ingenious apparatus; the phonic kaleidoscope that becomes the first reference for the optical acoustics.  The following year invents the stereoscope, perfected from Brewster. In the February of 1838 it successively deposits to London a telegraph license, dedicating itself to its improvement and the possible applications.  At last in 1869 it invents an apparatus for the measure of precision of the resistances known with the name BRIDGE OF   WHEATSTONE.