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Robert  Boyle


Lismore (Ireland) 25.January.1627-London 30.December.1691


Biographical notes

It is born in Ireland in the Castle of Linsmore, son of the Conte of Cork Richard Boyle . It enters in 1635, together to the Francis brother  to the Eton College until 1639.  Eight September 1665 cause "in medicine in the University   of Oxford comes appointed doctor" honorees.  In years 1656-1668 it begins its scientific collaboration with   Robert Hooke,  collaboration  that   will carry   to the construction  of  one   pneumatic pump,  and to the fulfillment of the first experiments  on the empty one.  It comes called like "Father of modern chemistry".  Chemical analysis "in the meant one  was the first one  to use the term" puts into effect them of the term. Its is the famous law that it enunciates: - to equal temperatures, the volume of gases is  inversely proportional them to  the pressure -. It becomes student of international reputation, in 1662 Carl II,   the nomination "Councilman of   the Royal Society"  where will participate assiduously to the reunions of the same one.   From the 1668 she moves herself to London, and  in the laboratory  of the Oldenburg she completes various experiments pneumatic to us with  the collaboration of Denis Papin. She comes name Member of the "Company of the real mines" and Governor of   the "Company for   the spread of the Gospel in the New England". 30 December 1691 dies.