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Georg Simon Ohm


Erlangen -Bavaria 16.March. 1787-Monaco 06.July.1854


Biographical notes

Son of a mechanic, bachelor in 1811 in the University of Erlangen, became physical university professor in a grammar school to Cologne near the college of the Gesuiti.Ha municipal relative studies to the relative conductivity of the metals. By means of experiments, he reached the conclusions that the conductivity only according to did not vary the type of metal used like conductor but also to the section of the same one. He defined the potential difference them or electromotive force, the current intensity and the resistance to the conduction of the electricity.  The result of all its job is in the homonymous formula, introduced in 1826, in which the circulating current in a circuit it is function of the applied tension   (potential difference them) and of the resistance total of the circuit.  In 1841 it was awarded of   “Copley Medal” of the Royal Society of London and in the 1842 of became member, knows them on the physical chair of the University of Monaco in 1849.


The world-wide conference electrical worker to Chicago in 1893, designates the joined one of the resistance with the OHM name    and the symbol of the capital OMEGA


E=i . R

E    = Electromotive force
i      = currents
R    = resistance


The modern representation of the formula is:  I =  V / R

I   = Currant
V = Tension
R = Resistance