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Franz Ulrich Theodosius Aepinus

Rostock, Mecklenberg-Schwerin (now Germany) 13.December.1724- Dorpat (Russia) 10.August.1802

Improvement of the condenser
Condenser to air



Physicist and mathematician, author of the treaty
"Tentamen theoriae electricitatis et magnetismi" ( 1759)



In 1759 it has demonstrated that the effects of the bottle of Leida could be obtained also with simple metallic armors,  separated from an insulator     (dielectric), the air as an example. How much is thinner the thickness of the dielectric - to parity of other conditions   - much greater one is accumulates it of electricity. It applied for first the mathematics to the electromagnetic theories, and introduced in the scientific world the concept of the numbers denied to you.    
It more studies moreover the insulating materials in way much taken care of than how much fact from Gray, establishing the specific conductivity, that is the power of transmission of the electricity, many materials.  In 1759 its main work "Tentamen theoriae electricitatis always appears magnetisms", in which it tries to apply,  in systematic way, the mathematics to the electro logy, being based on the theory electrical worker of Franklin. Even if today the work of Aepinus appears little value, it has the great merit to indicate to the students of the time the possibility to apply to the mathematical calculation to the phenomena magnetic and electrical.