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 Father Gian Battista BeccariaBattista Beccaria

bandiera Italia
Mondovì 03.October 1716- Torino 27 May 1781
1753  First treaty of  electricity


Padre Beccaria is name in the 1748 from the King  (Carl Emanuele III) teaching of Physics  of the University of Turin. He published to Turin, in 1753,  the first organic  treaty of electro logy: " Of the artificial and natural elettricismo Books Two" (for artificial elettricismo electricity   for rubbing, for  natural agrees that atmospheric one). Study that was oriented on the "amount of the phenomena electrical workers", classification of  the bodies electrical workers, the dielectric in the condensers, the magnetic property. It invents and it uses  that one  that then will call  "cage of Faraday"   Alessandro Volta enters in relation to epistolary with  Beccaria  in  1763, six years after dedicates  the publication to it: "De vi actractiva ignis electrici ac phaenomenis inde  pendentibus", this gratitude very indicates the contribution to the formation of Time.

Note : 1) Field studies of physical phenomena electric, magnetic and electromagnetic