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Father Gian Battista Beccaria

Mondovì 03.October 1716- Torino 27 May 1781


Biographical notes


Francesco Ludovico Beccaria Born to Mondovì (Cuneo) 3 October 1716. Entered   ’Order of the Scolopi, became  religious professor assuming the name of ‘Giambattista’ (from written  he always in this way).  It taught at first in the schools of its Order of Narni, Urbino, Palermo and Rome. In 1748 he came called to the chair of Physics dell’University of Turin and of it a character renewed’l instruction giving experiences them. He was also master of L.Lagrange.  

 Electricity was dedicated in particular to searches’  , than in those years of half   the 1700's they had received new impulse from the appearance of the "bottle of Leida" and from the jobs of B.Franklin. L’engagement of the Beccaria towards’a quantitative electro logy came expressed  with organic order in its before entitled work Dell’elettricismo   artificiale e naturalepublished to Turin in 1753, in which – as  it declared the title it – was dealt respective it is of electrostatics that of atmospheric electricity.   The contribution more important data from the Beccaria to the study dell’electricity – at least second the appraisal that of it its contemporaries gave, although if to the modern reader appears work a little annoying and verbose – would be found again instead in the volume of Letters to the Beccaria, published to  Bologna in 1758.  

In 1770 it directed to Milan the erection of the lightning rods to defense of the Dome. After years of assiduous searches and reflections around to the phenomena electrical workers, in 1772 he it was finally in a position to publishing to Turin its greater  work entitled  Elettricismo artificiale : a complicated compendium eighteenth elettricismo, than however only little years after  Italian edition came translate in English for interest of the same  B.Franklin.  The remarkable contributions given from the Beccaria to the metrology and chemistry must also be signaled. Its work exercised a strong scientific ambient influence of the time and marked the resumption of the search  experiences them, in particular of that electrical worker, in Italy. Beyond that reputation scientist, he was also a discreet humanist, having especially cultivated the art and the poetry, but above all the Latin letters. Giambattista Beccaria died to Turin 27 May 1781. 

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