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John Canton

Stroud Gloucestershire UK 31.July.1718 - London 22.March.1772

1751 An easy method of making a phosphorus, that will imbibe and emit light, like the Bolognian stone: with experiments and observations John Canton (M.A., F.R.S.)
1752 Traités sur les aimans artificiels: contenant une méthode courte & aisée ...  Di John Michell,John Canton
1753 Electrical Experiments, with an attempt to account for their several Phænomena together with some Observations on Thunder-Clouds by John Canton, M. A. and F. R. S ;
1754 New experiments and observations on electricity. Made in Philadelphia in America. By Benjamin Franklin ... and communicated in several letters to P. Collinson ... (To which are added a paper on the same subject by J.Canton ... and another in defence of Mr Franklin against the Abbe Nollet, by Mr D.Colden ... ).Benjamin Franklin, Peter Collinson, John Canton, Nollet (Jean Antoine, abbé), David Coldenprinted and sold by D.Henry and R.Cave, 1754 - 154 pagine    
1756 Expériences et observations sur l'électricité faites a Philadelphie en Amérique, Volume 1 Benjamin Franklin, David Colden, John Canton, Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress) Chez Durand, 1756
1758 Des Herrn Benjamin Franklins Esq. Briefe von der Elektricität Benjamin Franklin, David Colden, John Canton, Ebenezer Kinnersley, Philip Syng, Thomas Hopkinson, Johann Carl Wilcke Verlegts Gottfried Kiesewetter, Buchh. in Stockholm., 1758 - 354 pagine
1761  XXXIV. Observations on the Transit of Venus, June 6th, 1761, made at Spital-Square ; the Longitude of which is 4' 11" West of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, and the Latitude 51° 31' 15" North ; by John Canton, M. A. and F. R. S.
1762 A Letter from John Canton, M. A. and F. R. S. to Benjamin Franklin, LL. D. and F. R. S. Containing Some Remarks on Mr. Delaval's Electrical Experiments Mr. Delaval and John Canton Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775), Vol. 52, (1761 - 1762), pp. 457-461   (article consists of 5 pages) Published by: The Royal Society ( web link: 
1762 Royal society (GB). Philosophical transactions of the Royal society of London : giving some accompt of the present undertakings, studies, and labours of the ingenious in many considerable parts of the world. 1995.           1762 (Vol. 52 / Part 1
Lettera  del  Reverendo  Mr. Thomas Bayes, a John Canton 24  novembre 1763
1764 A letter from the late Reverend Mr. Thomas Bayes, F.R.S. to John Canton, M.A. and F.R.S. Thomas Bayes, John Canton Printed for C. Davis and C. Reymers, printer to the Royal Society, 1764 - 271 pagine
1765 New experiments and observations on electricity. Made at Philadelphia in America, Parte 3  Benjamin Franklin, John Canton, David Coldenprinted and sold by R. Cave at St. John's-Gate, 1765 - 44 pagine