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Sir   Humphry   Davy

Penzance (Cornwall) 17.12.1778-Geneva 29.5.1829


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Biographical notes


It was the firstborn one in a family of the medium bourgeoisie, in fact, the parents had  one held to Ludgvan. Its education close has beginning in a school of grammar to Penzenance, in 1793 continues the studies to Truro. In 1794   its Robert father died. In 1795 was apprentice near a surgeon and druggist in order to help the family and with  the hope to obtain one qualification in medicine. Exuberant, affectionate boy, with fervent imagination. He wrote backs gets passionate to you,   which hunting exercised various activities and fishes, it creates fireworks them, and collected mineral. He was loving of the nature in particular of the mountain. Calm, ingenious and rather exuberant young person, made plans for a poetry book, but it seriously began to study sciences in 1797, year in which born in he  one true passion, chemistry. In 1801 assistant  in chemistry to the Royal was name Academies of London, the following year became university professor. To single 25 years  he was promoted  director of the same institution. In the 1812 he married himself with  Dog Learns, rich young person and widow. In the 1820 the place of President of the Royal Institution was offered to it. To the age of 49 years it has serious problems of 29 health and May of 1829 it is picked from lethal cardiac crisis.


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Autobiographic letter ;   par Sylvie Blouin

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