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Michael Faraday

  1821 Electrodynamics  
Newington Butts (London)   22.September.1791-Hampton Court- London 25.August.1867
Land searches that more made of Faraday insigne the scientist experience them of its times were  the fields of the electricity and the magnetism. After the discovery of Oestered  of electromagnetism of  1819, Faraday reproduced the experiment in  1821  and deepened the studies in this field, after ten years of  job discovers the electromagnetic induction. The announcement was given 24 November of 1831. Faraday  reached its discovery round wrapping to a iron ring two distinguished coils. Induced circuit connected  to the heads of one coil () a galvanometer, and to the heads of the other (circuit inducer) one battery electrical worker;     closing the circuit of the battery the needle of the galvanometer moved in a sense and  opening    the circuit    moved in the inverse sense. Subsequently Faraday discovered that introducing or extracting  a magnet from a wrapped conductor to  coil,  connected to a galvanometer he came produced  a movement of the index, in practical came produced one small current electrical worker,  was  successful    to obtain  one  current  electrical worker  from a magnet, to induce  electricity  being used  of    a magnet.  He understood endured that the production   of   currents induced   in   a circuit was not sufficient the presence of   the magnet, but was necessary its movement, the variation of the induced magnetic field.
For a reason or purpose informative it marks itself that also Cavendish had already carried out much research work executed from Faraday but has not never diffused its searches.

The experiment
      to cure of the Medium School of Calizzano (Sv) (the secrets of the electricity.) 
The basic experiment in order to understand the electromagnetic induction is this: Introducing a magnet in a coil a current impulse is obtained. If the magnet remains firm the current it vanishes. Extracting the magnet an impulse is produced newly, of towards contrary to the first one. In order to generate one current is indispensable   a variation of the magnetic field that enters in the coil.