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Michael Faraday

Newington Butts (London)   22.September.1791-Hampton Court- London 25.August.1867

Biographical notes


Born in a village that hour is a quarter of  London, the father was farrier.     The family was too much poor in order to maintain it to the studies and thirteen years became apprentice of one bookcase. To fourteen years she is apprentice in the same one and you she remains for seven years.  This is the cultural source which it could reach the young person Michael.   Thanks to a complimentary ticket received from a customer of the bookcase Faraday could assist to the lessons to the Royal Institution, lessons held from Davy, lessons that revealed the own vocation. In short it entered to make part of the staff of the Royal Institution.  In the 1813 Sir Davy  and  wife  they decided    to make    a travel in continent and they carried   Faraday  in quality of secretary,  but entrusting humbler assignments.   The travel lasted a year and means had like stages France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.  It was a fundamental experience for the young person  Faraday, in fact, it met many famous scientists, like Time, Argon, Ampère, Gaj-Lassac and some  recognized the value of the modest secretary.   Always in this occasion became friend of Gustave of  the Rivers and the Auguste son, physicists of a family of Geneva with they entertained constant correspondence   that always held  it  dawned  on  the European scientific developments since  Of the Rivers they were the European barycenter of the scientific culture.  Faraday was deeply religious and belonged to a founded schism of fundamentalist character from such R. Sandeman, was faithful to this schism for all the life becoming some old member with functions of shepherdesses, to the same schism they belonged the most tightened friends and the wife.  In 1816 it published its first one job in which it considered the nature of the lime alive in Tuscany.  To the age of 33 years (1824) it was elect member of the Royal Institution. In   1825   for  proposal of   Davy,  the title it  of director of  the laboratory  to  the Royal  Institution was conferred it. Little after it instituted a regular series of ' Conversations of the Friday evening that it continues still  today. Until the 1830 student it was taken care of chemistry.

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