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Galileo Ferraris


Livorno Vercellese (today Livorno Ferraris)   30.October. 1847-Torin 7.February. 1897





Bird in Livorno Vercellese (Vercelli) October 30, 1847. In 1869 Ferraris you graduated in Civil Engineering at the School of Application Engineers for Turin and was immediately appointed assistant to Technical Physics at Royal Museum Industrial.

Important was the invention of Ferraris engine with induction field rotating (May-June 1885), a device that could be used either as a driver and as a meter of electricity. l   With the name Ferraris-Zahler, the counter of Ferraris, was used particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. Direct descendants of those arrangements were the spread induction motors. The discovery of great impact in the industry, was made public in 1888 with a note in his "Acts" of the Academy of Sciences, of which he was a member from 1880.  In 1877 taken the place of John Codazza, as assistant professor of Technical Physics at the Royal Museum Industrial Turin and later as proprietor without competition for "deserved reputation as a unique expertise" on the advice of Frederick Spantigati, then president of Royal Museum. In 1888 Ferraris began at the Royal Museum Industrial Laboratory with the School of Electrical, based on five specific lessons: Fundamentals scientific, industrial production of electricity, Applications, Measure, exercises. Ferraris can therefore be regarded as the founder of School Elect Turin, which after him was led by Guido Grassi, Giancarlo Vallauri, Rinaldo Sartori. In 1896 Ferraris participated in the Congress Geneva, launching the idea of Electrical Italian (Aei), founded in Milan on December 27 of that year and of which he was elected President by acclamation.  The scientist was a member of the Academy of Sciences, of the Agriculture (1880), Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, corresponding member of the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Literature and Art (1889). Ferraris was also councillor and Alderman the town of Torin (1887), councilor of Livorno (from 1895 to 1897), Senator of the Kingdom of Italy (1896). He died in Turin on February 7, 1897.

Biography edit of Prof. Marco Mezzalama docent the POLITECNICO DI TORINO e Donato Savino, Saverio Ghiotti