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Galileo Ferraris

Livorno Vercellese (today Livorno Ferraris)   30.October. 1847-Torin 7.February. 1897


Electrical Motors Galileo Ferraris

Edited by  institute     IEN Galileo Ferraris 

First model motor rotating magnetic field of Galileo Ferraris (1885)
Second engine model rotating magnetic field of Galileo Ferraris (1885)
Third model motor rotating magnetic field of Galileo Ferraris (1886)
Fourth model motor rotating magnetic field of Galileo Ferraris (1886)

The here reproduced models are not those originate them, planned and constructed from G. Ferraris, which went nearly completely destroyed in the fire of the “national Exposure electrical worker” of Como, 1 ' 8 July 1899 [*], with the relics of Alessandro Volta. The little singed rests, were placed in the old study of G. Ferraris, conserved in the Polytechnic of Turin and went definitively destroyed in the fire of the Polytechnic, as a result of a strafing, 9 December 1942.
These models were reconstructed, after the fire of 1899, under the Fat guide of prof. Guido, successor of G. Ferraris to the school of Turin and perhaps, second an oral tradition, from the same laborer who had made the first apparatuses 14 years before. Two of they still carry the cards written from the prof. Fat. They escaped to the fire of 1942 because they were conserved to National the Electro technical Institute.
All the models of the first motors to rotating field of today existing G. Ferraris, also abroad and also those of the Ferraris museum to Livorno Ferraris, are copies of those here reproduced. The photography executed before 7 reproduced March 1897 in the “Actions of the Italian Electro technical Association” - vol. - 1897/98, are the only remained document of the configuration of the relics originate them.

[*] In the year the 1899 models (with other apparatuses, relics and papers of Galileo Ferraris) were sent to the “National Exposure Electrical worker and of serici Products”, organized to Como in order to celebrate the centenarian of the discovery of the battery of Volta.