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Benjamin Franklin

Boston (Massachusetts)  17.January. 1706-Philadelphia 17.April.1790)

Biographycal notes


It born to Boston, son of a manufacturer of soap. His father had left the England for reasons religious and it emigrant to New England, he had got married and it had had fourteen children of two wives. Benjamin attended the secondary school but to twelve years printer became an apprentice close to the brother. In 1721 the brother founded a review of liberal die, the "New England Courant", to which Benjamin co-operated writing numerous articles. At apprentice's it started to unwind the profession in own to Boston like printer and bookseller, and transferring the own laboratory to London in 1724. Two years later it returned to Philadelphia continuing the activity, but quite soon undertaken the journalist's activity close to "Pennsylvania Gazete" in 1730 gets married to Deborah Read Rogers, and in 1733 it continues the journalist's activity close to 'Poor Richard' s Almanac'. From here his success began, receiving important tasks which the direction of the posts of the Pennsylvania, when Franklin was increasing the own income up to the wealth with ( Pper l'educazione dei giovani in patents like the bifocal lenses and the stoves you use tutt' 'today. In 1749 Propostal Relating to the Education of Young wrote in Pennsylvania (Proposed by the education of the youth in Pennsylvania) whose publication favoured the foundation of the University of the Pennsylvania. In the age of forty years it was dedicated without worries of economic character to the experimenter's activity. His experimental activity and his publications made earning in 1756 the election to foreign member of Royal Society of London. Franklin was devoting to himself to political activity and at 1757 in 1762 he was a representative of the Meeting of the Pennsylvania to London, it contributed to a first drawing up of the Declaration of independence in 1776, it was to Paris for nine years with diplomatic tasks. In 1785 it returned to Philadelphia and became a member of the Constitutional Convention. It died in 1790 in the age of 84 years.


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