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Benjamin Franklin

Boston (Massachusetts)  17.January. 1706-Philadelphia 17.April.1790)
1752 Lightning rod 


Franklin begins its activity of experimenter after to have     assisted to a demonstration of phenomena electrical workers introduced from  the Spencer Scot to Boston, in that year,  1746,  receive in gift from P. Collinson  of   the Royal Society  of London  a machine electrical worker  and with this work many experiments from which draw conclusions on the property of the tips of the conductors.   For first Theorizing the natural electrical of   the lightnings,   but it did not come      at first  believed in European scientific atmospheres,  and second this theory assumed  that  long  auctions  finished  with  tips placed on the buildings   connected with   conductors  to earth  could unload the electricity  to earth protecting the same buildings from the Lightning rod.Non having to disposition towers or high buildings the 22 experienced its theory with a north wind June 1752  receiving confirmation from the experiment, in fact, the bathed rope acted as from  conductor and a key tied to  this produced sparkles.