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Lucien Gaulard

Paris 16.July.1850 - Paris 26.November.1888




Secondary generator of Gaulard and Gibbs
Image of the Gaulard-Gibbs transformer with closed iron nucleus - constructed licence 245 from the “National Society for the distribution of electricity by Secondary Generators” of London - 1886
In the successive years to the experiments of London and Turin the Gaulard persuaded of the usefulness to use a closed iron nucleus and following a council of Mr. Esson constructed the Secondary Generators according to the model introduced here, constituted from two generators of the type precedence placed side by side and re-united from an only obtained nucleus connecting between they the advanced and inferior extremities of the two nuclei rectilinear precedence. They were obtained thus of the generators of the power of 1 kW and beyond.

transformer Gaulard-Gibbs