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Pieter van Musschenbroek


Leiden Netherlands 14.March.1692  -  Leiden  19.September.1761



Biographical notes


It belongs to a family with a remarkable tradition in the construction of scientific instruments and, graduated in medicine in 1715, soon it abandons the medical profession in order to dedicate to the physical, becoming member of the scientific Academies more notes, like those of Berlin, London, Paris, Montpelier, Stockholm and Pietroburgo.  It teaches to physical and mathematics to Duisburg and Utrecht, and publishes, between 1726 and the 1731, several works, between which having a title it “Introductio to philosophiam naturalem”, in that disserta also on the electricity, and that it is placed as the immensest treaty than physical experiences them of the time, as well as to be then adopted they give To. Time like text book. In 1740 it returns to the city native that it has offered a chair to it, and in 1745 reaches the invention of the first condenser of electricity, or “bottle of Leida”, that it will have a great importance in the development of the electro logy.

Bottiglia di Leida