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(Hans)  Jean Christian Ørsted

Rudkøbing ( island of Langeland)  14.August.1777  -Copenaghen 09.March.1851


Discoverer of electromagnetism, communicated the news to Copenaghen the 21 July 1820 with one memory. The experiment of Oersted consisted in placing a wire  over a magnetic needle suspended,   parallel to its axis, and these remain immovable, but when the thread is covered from   current electrical worker generated from a battery, the needle turns aside forming an angle of approximately 90 degrees,   if the battery is sufficiently powerful,  if the produced shunting line is weak person is smaller. Carrying the thread under the magnetic needle, always covered from current electrical worker, the shunting line is opposite to the previous one.  Concluded Oersted that the shunting line of the needle was due to the passage of the current electrical worker. In that electromagnetism consists. esperimento di Oerted-animazione

The experiment of Ørsted

Ritratto di Oersted