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(Hans)  Jean Christian Ørsted

Rudkøbing ( island of Langeland)  14.August.1777  -Copenaghen 09.March.1851

 Biographical notes

It studies to the University of  Copenaghen,  in 1797 carries out druggist activity, in 1799 becomes doctor in philosophy the successive year bachelor in medicine. It publishes to Ratisbonne in the 1803 "Matériaux pour une chimie du XIXème siècle." It comes assigned the chair of physics in 1804  near the University of Copenaghen. It publishes  in the 1809 "Videnskaben om Naturens almindelige Love" (science of the laws generates them of the nature). Between the 1819 and 1820 with a short memory " Expériences sur effet du conflit électrique sur aiguille aimantée" it announces to the scientific world the discovery ofelectromagnetism. In 1823 thermo electrical battery together constructs to an other Fourier scientist one. In 1825  it succeeds to isolate the aluminum. Assume loads with Councilman of state in 1828, and the successive year it is born  the Polytechnic of Copenaghen and of it it becomes director. It still publishes in a 1844 handbook of mechanical physics. In 1932 its name becomes an unit of magnetic measure in International System of measure