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Léon Charles Thévenin


Meaux (Paris)  30.March. 1857-Paris 21.September.1926
1883 Theorem of Thévenin

In 1883 it exposes to its theorem with a short Sur memory a nouveau théorème of électricité dynamique - to the Academy of sciences of Paris.


Biographical Notes
It is born to Meaux to approximately 30 kilometers from Paris 30 March of 1857, Is degree to the Polytechnic of Paris in 1876, and after two years it is occupied near the Post offices French where it will lend service until to pension (1914). In 1882 teacher for the courses is name technical insides to the inspectors of the mail thanks to the optimal result obtained in the course of degree above all in mathematics and physical. Its theorem does not have an immediate acknowledgment, indeed is hindered from Vaschy. Towards 1904 he only begins the acknowledgment of its job and universal adopted beginning from 1926.