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John Canton

Stroud Gloucestershire UK 31.July.1718 - London 22.March.1772

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He is born in  woven a given over family to the commerce of, to learn of the cantone and the mechanical talent, like indicated through its visualized exact creation of a sundial fierce outside of the house from its father, Associate of the Royal Society has carried it to the Dr attention Henry  Miles (, 1843). The John father persuaded Miles to allow that John resides with he in Tooting, Surrey, until 1738, when John articled to Samuel Watkins, landladies of a school in the quarter  of Spital, London, which he has successful like the master and owner of the school until its dead women to 1772. The first contributions of Canton  to science were calculations arranged us of the times of the eclispes lunar, publish in the "Ladies Diary between 1739 and 1740 to you". With Miles it has been able to know the best  students than  London  which William Watson and  John Ellicott. It has acquired the same reputation fastly, in great part for its invention of new method of fabrication of magnets crafts them strong. It has maintained secret of method, in the hope to make a sure yield from it, until the publication of the treaty of To of the John Mitchell. of magnets crafts them (1750). Its procedure has seemed much similar one to Mitchell, than immediately the accusation of plagio. That has not prevented to the real society of assegnargli the medal of Copley for 1751; The cantone he has had a method before the publication of the Mitchell and from that what is known of its character testifies its  innocence. In the 1752 Canton  he has learned  of the French experiments that confirm the conjecture of the Franklin approximately lightning bolt. Succeeding the experiments was the first one in England in order to repeat with and in the process it has independently uncovered that the clouds have come electrified are positively (like suggested theory) that negatively. Its job on the determination of the sign of loads with the cloud has lead Canton to plan the very famous experiments on electrostatic induction that has earned it a place in the electricity history. Moreover it has made the discovery remarkable that the glass does not load always positively from friction; the sign of the developed electricity depends on the nature of the substance polished over it and the state of the surface of the glass. Other contributions to the object were a portable electroscope of marrow-sphere (1754), a method for electifying the air from communication (1754), a careful customer of that stone bewildering the tourmaline (a 1759) and improvement in the machine electrical worker, covering the relative mercury amalgam shock-absorber and of latta (1762). Like physical endowed amateur of its time, the cantone it has visualized the interest in other subjects, like identifying the cause of the water brightness of sea (organic matter putrefying); it has invented phosphorus “of cantone phosphorescent strongly made„ sulfur compound and of the covers calcined of the oyster (CaS); it has maintained a newspaper meteorological; it has recorded the every day variations of the compass; and demonstrated the water compressibility, remarkable happening, that it depended on the measures so as to from the minute that has been defied on its revolutionary interpretation of they, even if is rises in feet the accurate examination of a special committee of the real society and a second medal of Copley in 1765 has earned it. It was a frequenter of randello of the Whigs honest in the company of Franklin and the ministers Dissenting like Joseph Priestley, of which history and the present declares of electricity has had to a lot to its attendance patient. The cantone it was one of the most distinguished of the group of the men car-facts and self-educated that they were the better representatives of English physics in the half of-eighteenth century.


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