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Robert Boyle Ewald Jürgen von Kleist



 Stephen Gray

(Canterbury (baptized the) 26.December.1666-London 07-February-1736)
1729 Conductivities Electrical   
Experimenter, made its more discovered important making experiments with along tube of glass electrified to one of the extremities, and closed from both the parts from a cork stopper.  To a stage of its experiments he added a rod slipped into the cork towards the outside,   it noticed that the electric charge was propagated to the cork and the rod. Later on extended the experimentation on “great distances” maintaining suspended of the conductors with silk threads, succeeded to transport electricity till ninety meters. Later on increasing the distances it had to use in order to suspend the conductors you spin sturdier metallic, the effect conduction did not have more. From this it introduced the distinction between conductors and insulators.