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Stephen Gray Pieter van Musschenbroek


Ewald Jürgen  von Kleist

Pomerania 10.July.1700-Köslin 11.December.1748 Koslin, now Koszaln, in Poland
1745 Condenser


Canonical in the cathedral of Kamin (Pomerania), in Germany. Kleist discovered in October-November 1745 (1) that filling up a bottle with a liquid and holding the same one in hand could be obtained violent shocks (“Kleistsche Flasche”). -.  The Germans (2) attributed to the invention of the condenser electrical worker to the canonical Von Kleist.


Notes: 1) From a letter of 4 November sent to doctor the Lieberkuhn

2) The attribution is not still sure between Kleist and Musschenbroek

3) Source :


Documents: Kleist



Extracted from heraldic documents of the Kleist family