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William Sturgeon    

(Whittington, Lancashire 22-May- 1783-Prestwich, Manchester, 04-December-1850)

Sturgeon realized the first efficient solenoid to iron of horse in 1825 (1828).

It is in the English army from 1802 to 1820, in the '24 becomes teacher in the College East India Royal Military the Addiscombe.In 1832 is teaching near Adelaide Gallery of Practical Sciences. It invented a galvanometer in 1836. In 1836 I always found   “Annals of Electricity” the first review in English dedicated to the electricity.

solenoide di Sturgeon   
An experimental inquiry into the Relative Merits of Magnetic Electrical Machines and Voltaic Batteries, as Implements of Philosophical Research. By William Sturgeon, Esq. Lecturer on Natural and Experimental Philosophy at the Honourable East India Company's Military Academy, at Addiscombe