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William Sturgeon

Whittington, Lancashire 22-May- 1783-Prestwich, Manchester, 04-December-1850

1837 Annals of electricity, magnetism, and chemistry: and guardian of ..., Volume 1  Di William Sturgeon
1842 Lectures on Electricity Delivered in the Royal Victoria Gallery, Manchester By William SturgeonPublished 1842 Sherwood, Gilbert, and  Piper
1842 The Annals of Electricity, Magnetism, and Chemistry, and Guardian By William SturgeonPublished 1842 Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper
Lectures on electricity By William Sturgeon  Published 1842 (on line web)
1843 A course of twelve elementary lectures on galvanism  Di William Sturgeon
1847 An Experimental investigation of the Magnetic Characters of Simple Metals, Metall Alloys, and Metallic Salts by  William Sturgeon   The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal pagg. 69-93  Published 1847A. and C. Black
1850 Scientific Researches, Experimental and Theoretical, in Electricity Published 1850 T. Crompton 
1866 Die electrische telegraphie Di Werner von Siemens