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Chronology  history electrical   (with didactic cards)

By    Sergio Arienti ® 
Study of the magnetism
Pietro di Maricourt (Pietro Peregrino)
First publication on the magnetism  
Giambattista della Porta
Publication  "DE MAGNETE"
William  Gilbert
Electrostatic machine 
Otto von Guericke
1729 Conductivity  Electrical   Stephen Gray
1745  Condenser E.J. von  Kleist

Pieter  van Musschenbroek
1747 Sign electrical         ( +   - )   Watson

Benjamin Franklin
1752 Lightning rod Benjamin Franklin
1753 Induction electrical  John Canton

First treaty of electricity Padre G.B. Beccaria
1759 Improvement of the condenser
Condenser to air

1780 ELECTRO PHYSIOLOGICAL Studies Luigi Galvani
1784 ? Coulomb's law Charles Augustin de Coulomb
1800 20/10/1800 BATTERY ELECTRICAL  Alessandro Volta 
1808 Voltaic arc Humnphry  Davy
1819 ? Electromagnetism Hans Christian Ørsted
1820 Solenoid André Marie Ampère


W. Sturgeon

Joseph Henry


Current electrical  André Marie Ampère
1821 Electrodynamics Arago

Michael Faraday
1826 Law of Ohm Georg Simon Ohm
1831 Relè  Joseph Henry
1832 Alternator (model experiences them) Hippolyte Pixii

Self-induction Joseph Henry
1834 Law of     Lenz Heinrich Friedrich Emil Lenz
1841 Law of Joule James Prescott JOULE
1843 ? Bridge of measure for resistances Charles Wheatstone
1845 Law division of the currents Gustav Robert Kirchhoff
1850 Industrial alternator F. Nollet

Siemens ( 1856 )
1859 Dynamo  A. Pacinotti

Zénobe Théophile Gramme

H. Fontaine (1873)
1864 Theory of  the electromagnetic Field James Clerk Maxwell
1878 Lamp electrical Thomas A. Edison

Joseph Swan

Alternator  Zénobe Théophile Gramme
1882 Transformer L. Gaulard

1883 Theorem of Thévenin Léon Charles Thévenin
1885 Induction motor  G. Ferraris

Nikola Tesla  (1887)
1897 Discovery of the electron Joseph John Thomson
1926 Theorem of  Norton Edward Lawry Norton